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Welcome to Hunt-Road
Char Name Image Item Name Type Level Plus Value
TwistNeptiarasEgy ITEM10116
ZLZal2000000TifhoneEgy ITEM10116
GandulfSunaktraEgy ITEM10116
ViagraNeptiarasEgy ITEM10116
TwistHeartsceptraEgy ITEM10116
COPkaledbowkEgy ITEM10116
X__Chines__XUsirooEgy ITEM10116
[Support]LunchTimeXutakEgy ITEM10116
ThizZedOutTifhoneEgy ITEM10116
_TyaHeartsceptraEgy ITEM10116
_TyaNeptiarasEgy ITEM10116
jaxNeptiarasEgy ITEM10116
UltraNeptiarasEgy ITEM10116
Zlzal2000NeptiarasEgy ITEM10116
UltraHeartsceptraEgy ITEM10116
WARNINGSunaktraEgy ITEM10116
X__Chines__XHorushaulEgy ITEM10116
X__Chines__XkaledbowkEgy ITEM10116
SilentGhostNeptiarasEgy ITEM10116
IcekaledbowkEgy ITEM10116
X__Chines__XHeartsceptraEgy ITEM10116
CherrySunaktraEgy ITEM10116
IceUsirooEgy ITEM10116
X__Chines__XKepetiEgy ITEM10116
WarMachinekaledbowkEgy ITEM10116
WarMachineKepetiEgy ITEM10116
QTxUsirooEgy ITEM10116
QTxkaledbowkEgy ITEM10116
LuciferNeptiarasEgy ITEM10116
ElizabethKectalronEgy ITEM10116
ElizabethKepetiEgy ITEM10116
ElizabethApicebowEgy ITEM10116
ElizabethHorushaulEgy ITEM10116
Mr_FigooHeartsceptraEgy ITEM10116
Mr_FigooInpuEgy ITEM10116
ToLeDoNeptiarasEgy ITEM10116
_B_E_D_R_O_SunaktraEgy ITEM10116
_TyaInpuEgy ITEM10116
TwistInpuEgy ITEM10116
ViagraInpuEgy ITEM10116
[Support]LunchTimeSeikethEgy ITEM10116
UltraInpuEgy ITEM10116
IceInpuEgy ITEM10116
X__Chines__XInpuEgy ITEM10116
WarMachineInpuEgy ITEM10116
QTxInpuEgy ITEM10116
H0JANSeikethEgy ITEM10116
ElizabethInpuEgy ITEM10116
Mr_FigooNeptiarasEgy ITEM10116
KanzlerNeptiarasEgy ITEM10116
Fortress Status:
Fortress Guild Tax
Jangan: LegendsOfWar Tax: Nothing%
Server info:

Server info :

Players online: 67/1000
Max online: 79
Experience rate: 20x
Party Experience rate: 25x
Gold drop coeficent: 10x
Item drop coeficent: 20x

Status : Online

Gateway Server:
Game Server:
Accounts: 899
Characters: 1439
Guilds: 25
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Hunt-Road Official Group
Closed group · 78 members
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- CAP: 110, Skill: 110
- Exp/Sp rate: 20x
- Party Exp/Sp rate: 25x
- Drop rate: 20x
- Gold Rate: 10x
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